Class Hierarchy
This inheritance list is sorted roughly, but not completely, alphabetically:
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oCcir_structStruct used as return value for function getCIR
oCConcBufConcBuf is a class that implements a circular buffer for concurrent access from two distinct threads
oCecho_structStruct for definition of one echo
oCecho_struct_hdf5Struct to read an echo from a HDF5 file containing CIRs
oCparameters_simulation_structStruct for reading general simulation parameters from HDF5 file containing CIRs
oCProcessingParametersParameters that are passed to each snBlock and can be altered by them
|\CsnMainWindowClass for the main window widget
|oCsnBlockBase class for all snBlocks in SNACS
||oCsnBlockSerialClass for serialization of the snBlocks class
|||\CsnSDRSoftware Defined Receiver Base Class
||| \CsnSDRStandardSoftware Defined Receiver
||oCsnProcessorADCClass for analog to digital conversion (ADC) of a signal
||oCsnProcessorChannelSnProcessorChannel implements convolution of a base band signal through a linear channel through FIR filtering
||oCsnProcessorLPFClass for low pass filtering
||oCsnProcessorNoiseClass for AWGN noise
||oCsnSignalGenerateThis class generates sampled GPS base band signals
||oCsnSignalInputBinaryThis class reads a file that was created for software receivers, e.g. in Matlab
||oCsnSignalOutputBinaryThis class samples and mixes a signal and outputs it to a file for processing with extern software receivers, e.g. in Matlab
||\CsnSignalOutputWidgetThis class simply outputs a signal of a certain length to a widget window
|oCsnFIRFilterSnFIRFilter implements a FIR filter that safes its own state for processing of consecutive data blocks
|\CsnWidgetWidget class that generates time and frequency domain plots and 3D plots for the snBlocks
oCSettingsSDRStruct with aquisition and tracking parameters for the software defined receiver
oCsnCmplxFIRFilterThis class implements a multi-threaded complex FIR filter
oCsnCurveSnCurve is the base class for all curves that can be used with snPlots
|\CsnCurveRealSnCurveReal implements a curve for real data
oCsnGNSSCodeClass of member functions for GPS signal generation
|\CsnGPSClass of member functions for GPS signal generation
| \CsnPlotSurface
oCsnReadCIRFileReads CIRs from CIR HDF5 file
oCSNSignalStruct that contains general simulation parameters which are common to all snBlocks
oCsnSimulationExceptionException class for simulation setup time and snBlocks
\CsnWriteResultFileOpens a HDF5 file for output. Every snBlock in the simulation chain can write simulation result data to that file with the write functions