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oSNACS Configuration
oHDF5 channel impulse response input file structure
oDevelopment of a new processing module
|oExample 01 - Basic Configuration File
|oExample 02 - More Advanced Configuration File
|oExample 03 - Generation of a simple, artificial channel impulse response file
|oExample 04 - Simulation with channel impulse response files
|oExample 05 - Generating a channel impulse response file using a channel model
|oExample 06 - Simulation with channel model output
|oExample 07 - Exciting Galileo Signals
|\Example 08 - SNACS binary signal interface to other software defined receivers
oInstallation for users
oInstallation for developers
oInstallation for developers on Debian GNU/Linux
oInstallation for developers on Windows
oThe Channel Data Exchange (CDX) File Format
\Supporting Tools
 \MATLAB script for plotting SNACS results: plot_snacs_results